Nike Executive John Hoke to be Among a Premier Lineup at IDSA's DIY Design Conference

Nike Executive John Hoke to be Among a Premier Lineup at IDSA's DIY Design Conference

Nike executive John Hoke will be just one of the keynote speakers at the Industrial Designers Society of America's (IDSA) international conference, DIY Design: Threat or Opportunity to be held August 4 - 7 at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. As vice president of global design at Nike, Hoke spearheads all creative for the Nike brand and its affiliates - Converse, Cole Haan, Hurley and Umbro.

IDSA's international conference will be held in Portland, Ore., a hot spot for the DIY movement, with a focus of how DIY (do it yourself) will impact the design industry. The conference will include an educational symposium, panel discussions, tours, workshops and immersive experiences.

Conference discussion will focus on questions such as: What if the DIY resurgence meant the end of industrial design (ID)? When all can create exactly what they want by themselves, who needs a professional? In light of increasing global competition for traditional design work, could the creativity and design awareness that DIY brings be exactly what ID needs to shake up the profession?

Hoke will be joined by other DIY contemporaries such as:

John Jay, executive creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, an independent creative advertisement agency that is responsible for some of Nike's biggest ad campaigns
Grace Bonnie, creator of Design Sponge, a daily website dedicated to home and product design that attracts 60,000 daily readers and over 55,000 readers reading via RSS
Jay Rogers, president, CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, an American car company that allows customers to design and build a car themselves in Local Motors' space
Derek Elley, founder of Ponoko, an online marketplace and custom manufacturing workshop where independent parties can both buy and sell unique products as well as have products made through a process of uploading designs and specifying necessary materials
Dale Dougherty, the founder of Make magazine and creator of Maker Faire, which leads a growing make movement


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