The S 160 Chair Series for Auditorium Spaces

The S 160 Chair Series for Auditorium Spaces

The S160 chair series perfectly meets the requirements for commercial spaces where setting up seating has to be carried out within a short space of time. The chairs' low weight - ranging from 6.5 to 9.5 kg depending on the design - guarantees time-efficient and safe assembly in large spaces. The slim shape of the chairs allows closely arranged rows, resulting in an optimal use of space. The version featuring armrests can be connected without the use of tools by simply interlocking the legs. An easy storage function complements the benefits of the series: 22 chairs can be stacked and stored vertically in a stacking trolley.

The Berlin-based studio Delphin Design has developed the new S 160 chair series for Thonet. The series is designed for use in public and commercial areas. Needing no tools, it can be set up quickly, is easily stackable and offers space-efficient storage. When arranged in rows, the classic and simple design of the chairs provides a functional and aesthetic structuring of space. Thanks to its high degree of durability and seating comfort the S160 series is particularly well suited for large auditorium spaces.

The S 160 series is available in various designs: with or without armrests and with or without upholstered seats. Since the seat cushions are set into the frame, the upholstered version also has a low stacking height. Coming in different seat widths, the chairs are able to meet the requirements for different spaces such as exhibition halls, event arenas, museums or churches. The slimmest design is 52 cm wide and without the interlocking function it offers a high degree of mobility that represents a practical solution for seminar rooms or staff restaurants. The four-legged frame is made of chromed steel tubing and the seat of moulded wood - both of which are typical Thonet materials. From 2011 onwards, there will also be a design featuring a plastic seat. Furthermore, an outdoor version of the chair series is currently being developed. Both the design featuring a plywood seat and the one with a plastic seat contribute to excellent acoustics.


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