ADC Celebrates 90th with Call to Reinterpret ADC Cube

ADC Celebrates 90th with Call to Reinterpret ADC Cube

The Art Directors Club launched the celebration of its 90th year by inviting top creatives to give their own interpretation of the ADC Cube image for use on the ADC 90th Annual Awards call-for-entries and at a special exhibition at the ADC Gallery.

The project is open exclusively to post-2000 winners of an iconic ADC Cube award, who represent the best and brightest in international creative and design.

This group of approximately 600 creatives from around the world will be contacted and granted access to a special ADC 90th Annual Awards CFE website containing templates to follow.

Participants are asked to bring their own vision to what ADC means today and reinterpret the ADC Cube image.

Deadline for online submission is September 1.

The ADC Awards Committee will select five submissions to be used for the upcoming awards season.

In addition, 90 entries will be reproduced and appear in a special exhibition at the ADC 90th Annual Awards launch party at the ADC Gallery in late September.

"Our 90th anniversary is a milestone for a creative organization, and we'll spend the next year bringing people together and celebrating in ways that showcase the talent of our community," said Doug Jaeger, ADC president.

"This CFE project is an opportunity to reflect on the great work that's done, and give hundreds of top creatives the chance to participate directly in this celebration of ADC's influence over the past nine decades and into the future."


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