CGD - GDC Adopts New Designation for Professional Members

CGD: GDC Adopts New Designation for Professional Members

The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) announced its adoption of a new honourific and designation for its Professional Members: CGD (Certified Graphic Designer).

For most of its 50+ year history, professional members of the GDC have used the honourific MGDC which identified them as Professional Members who have passed a certification process. The certification process is guided by standards established by the GDC National Membership Committee and its chapter membership chairpersons, which empowers the GDC to certify professional graphic designers. The certification standards review educational background; years of experience; case studies; and endorsement by other Certified Graphic Designers. CGDs are also required to adhere to the GDC Code of Ethics and the GDC Sustainability Principles, which further differentiates CGDs from non-certified graphic designers.

A Decima survey of Canadian businesses this summer confirmed that the MGDC designation wasn't clearly identifying GDC members as professionally certified, nor was the meaning of the M readily understood. By adopting the new honourific, the GDC is aligning itself with other professions who use clearly understood designations (CA, CGA, CMA, etc.) and their associations who similarly advocate on behalf of their professional members. The GDC's mandate is to maintain a defined, recognized competent body of professional graphic designers and to promote high standards of design for the benefit of Canadian industry, commerce, public service and education. The new CGD designation will greatly assist the GDC in achieving these goals.

The GDC also adopted new membership categories by eliminating Licentiates and Graduates and introducing a new Provisional category for graduates, junior designers and professional designers awaiting certification. Associates will now be called Affiliates and the category will be limited to non-designers who work in fields related to or in concert with designers. These changes will further enhance the stature and capabilities of the GDC's professional CGD members, as well as creating a clearer path for design students, graduates and junior designers seeking to become certified.

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