Peter Alwin Wins Electrolux Design Lab 2010 with the Snail

Peter Alwin Wins Electrolux Design Lab 2010 with the Snail

Electrolux selected The Snail as the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 winner. The announcement was made at the finals in London at 100% Design London.

The Snail is a portable heating and cooking device based on magnetic induction processes. Such is the size and versatility of the Snail, it can be stuck directly on to a pot, a pan, a mug etc. to heat the contents. This reduces the amount of space required for conventional cooking whilst adding portability to the process. Powered by a high density sugar crystal battery, the Snail converts the energy from the sugar, heating up a coil to conduct the magnetic induction process to the utensil. Integrated sensors detect the food type being heated so as to automatically adjust the time and temperature. A simple touch sensitive display with interface helps to monitor the process.

Jury Motivation
The Snail is a well researched concept that even goes beyond the brief. In addition to being a solution for city dwellers, it offers a wider social potential for use in remote areas; just as the first mobile phone opened opportunities.

The organic design is polarizing and shows potential for differentiation and personalization as there would be many options for use of different colors and shapes.

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