Red, White and Gray - Heath Ceramics Debuts its 6th Winter Seasonal Collection

Red, White and Gray: Heath Ceramics Debuts its 6th Winter Seasonal Collection

For its Winter '10 collection, Heath Ceramics is introducing two new winter-inspired glazes: Scarlet and Snow Dip - both three-color patterns are achieved through the intersection of two glazes in the hand-dipping process. This process lends it self to creating a beautiful graphic, textural pattern, with each individual piece having it's own variation. This collection is the 6th Winter Collection that Heath has released. Each season's pieces are produced specifically once for their season. The seasonal collections represent the company's ongoing interest in creative exploration, glaze development and technique. The pieces are now becoming collectable, and a select group is now on display at the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.

This winter, Heath Ceramics adds hand-blown Heath Glass to its seasonal lineup - the first of many exciting Heath Glass pieces to come. The company is working with a glass studio in West Virginia in an effort to preserve the culture and craft of American glassmaking. The glassware is paired with a Seasonal red tray as a cocktail set and appetizer set.

Highlights of the Winter '10 collection are founder Edith Heath's salt and pepper designs - revived in Scarlet Dip (up & down) - the same two glazes applied differently to the two pieces. The classic Heath studio mugs in a set of 4 in Suede Red/Ruby Red with a Scarlet Dip tray. Also new is Heath Glass-four stunning new glasses paired with a 12x12 platter (Scarlet Dip) and 4x4 condiments tray (Ruby Red), which make up the cocktail and appetizer set.

Rounding out the collection are: the 6x12 platter (Suede Red); 6x9 platter (Suede Red); tall modern mug (Suede Red/Ruby Red); plaza cereal bowl (Suede Red); bud vases (Ruby Red, Suede Red & Snow); espresso cup & saucer (Ruby Red/Suede Red) deep serving bowl (Scarlet Dip & Snow Dip); large serving bowl (Suede Red); shallow salad bowl (Suede Red) and multi-stem vase (Scarlet Dip & Snow Dip).

Photos: Jeffery Cross

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