Solarflora - A Solar Power Generating Tree Gets to Traveling

Solarflora: A Solar Power Generating Tree Gets to Traveling

A solar-power generating tree that bears two fruits -- green power for public areas and a treat for the eyes -- is on tour. Designed to provide energy for a host of uses, including park lighting and charging small electric vehicles, the Solarflora is attracting attention at events and prominent locations throughout Southern California and the Southwest.

The powerful giant flower has visited Nevada's world famous Burning Man mega-festival, the historic heart of downtown Long Beach, and a Spiritual Unity Rally held at Belmont Shore. Its most recent destination was the second annual "Autumn Lights" Celebration in Los Angeles's Pershing Square, where it was spectacularly displayed as part of stunning illuminated art event highlighting the latest and most beautiful in electronic technology. Its next stop is the L.A. Burning Man Decompression Arts and Music Festival at the Los Angeles State Historical Park on October 2.

An engaging and elegant sculpture intended for use at public squares and parks of all kinds, outdoor malls, museums, festivals, business complexes, universities, and sidewalks, the Solarflora houses up to four solar panels and can supply as much as 750 watt-hours per day, powering evening park lighting, on-site offices, street lamps, and charging stations for electric bicycles and other small vehicles. Made in Long Beach, California from locally produced materials, this highly original combination of environmentally friendly technology and public-space friendly artwork is creating new solar power enthusiasts of all ages and professions at each stop on its ongoing tour, from engineers and artists to students and documentary filmmakers. Patents are issued and pending for the eye-catching creation from Nectar Design and its founder, Darren Saravis.

"Bringing the Solarflora to all of these locations has been extremely gratifying," said Darren Saravis. "It's a great opportunity for us to show that the Solarflora effectively provides a significant amount of power in real settings. It can provide electricity for literally any purpose under the sun, and we've already shown that it can power everything from park lighting and powering offices to providing charges for batteries of lightweight vehicles. Its design visually complements public spaces, which is just as important as its functionality. We're making solar power a natural part of the landscape."