The LUM Floor Lamp - Latest Addition to Thonet's Product Range

The LUM Floor Lamp: Latest Addition to Thonet's Product Range

The chromed steel tubing of Thonet's signature cantilever chairs and the design principles from the Bauhaus era form the basis for the design of the company's new LUM floor lamp. In the same vein as the successful steel tube furniture collection, the design of LUM relies on this pure and elegant material's unique and long-lasting success that dates back to the 1930s.

A Reading Lamp That Features Simple Elegance and Ease-of-use
"LUM is a typical Thonet product: timeless, sustainable, unique", said architect Ulf Moller, the designer of LUM. There are many special details that contribute to the unique charm of this lamp. LUM features a sleep function that automatically switches off the light after two hours. There is also a night-light that cloaks the chromed steel tube in a subdued glow during the night, and a memory function that recalls the most recently used dimming level when switching on the lamp. "The best feature, however, is that you can switch the lamp on and off by simply moving your hand along the lighting head, the so-called 'light flute', where small sensors look for any changes and thus control the lamp", continued Moller. "Hence, controlling the lamp is not achieved by touching the light head but by a sort of 'back-reflection' into the lamp." This allows changing the lamp's position and re-adjusting the focus of light without confusing the control mechanism.

Thanks to its low weight, LUM can be used in versatile ways: the lighting head can be adjusted using a 340 degrees swivel joint, which allows an individual and flexible scattering of light. An infrared sensor in the lighting head provides an additional safety feature: it continuously monitors the temperature and automatically dims the light when the temperature gets above 50C. Designs, applications and technical data: LUM is available in heights of 110 and 125cm and is designed for indoor use. Eight highly efficient, warm-white power LED bulbs create a pleasant, comfortable light with a color temperature between 2800-3200 K. Thonet's first family of lamps will soon become bigger: in addition to the LUM 110 and LUM 125 floor lamps, further designs of the chromed tubular steel lamp are planned.