Natuzzi to Implement Customized Material ConneXion Program

Natuzzi to Implement Customized Material ConneXion Program

Natuzzi, the largest furniture manufacturer in Italy and a world leader in leather upholstery, has hired Material ConneXion, along with its Milan branch Material ConneXion Milano, to develop a customized materials program to support on-site research into innovative materials at the company's corporate headquarters in Santeramo, Italy. Recognizing that the next generation of materials will be key to maintaining their leadership position in the marketplace, the collaboration, which includes an on-site Materials Library, signals an important step forward for Natuzzi Group's innovation efforts.

"We see immense opportunity in the material trends and advances developing today," said Pasquale Natuzzi, CEO of Natuzzi. "Material ConneXion's invaluable materials science expertise, 360 degree industry perspective and innovation knowledge will provide us with the critical strategic advantage we need to stay competitive."

The Materials Library will provide Natuzzi's research and design teams with a powerful design tool that will enable the company to make smart material choices and discover new possibilities to add performance, value, and new aesthetic qualities, improve energy and resource efficiency, lower environmental impact and reduce costs. In order to keep abreast of new innovations throughout the year, the Library will be updated quarterly with material samples representing the latest trends.

The on-site resource, which will be supported by insight from an on-call Material ConneXion Materials Specialist as well as a series of innovation workshops, will offer Natuzzi hands-on access to innovative, implementable solutions relevant to the company's specific design needs, business objectives and industry in particular.

"Efficiency is vital to our innovation strategy-from process to products. Having cutting-edge materials knowledge at our fingertips will not only help us design better, it will also help us design faster," said Stefano Sette, Senior Vice President, Natuzzi.

Natuzzi Group's materials program is exemplary of Material ConneXion's approach to developing comprehensive solutions through service customization - from specific materials research and workshops to full material and sustainability strategies.

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