V2 Studios Design New Ergonomic Remote for Virgin Media

V2 Studios Design New Ergonomic Remote for Virgin Media

V2 Studios have designed a new ergonomic and iconic remote control for Virgin Media. The design was intend to create a unified image across numerous products and suppliers, and extend the Virgin media brand identity further into the home. V2 Studios delivered a product that was both recognisable and highly useable; and one that has been an enormous success since it's launch in early 2010.

The product was designed to stand the test of time; simple yet bold it quietly and subtly answers many of the inherent and unanswered problems that usually get overlooked in a product that is so often seen as an extra to the main product or service. It was designed to become a beacon for the design identity of all Virgin Media products and represents the quality and dependency you get from Virgin media as a brand.

The functionality of this remote was completely analysed and resulted in getting rid of buttons and controls that were duplicated or confusing for the user. All controls are clustered in concentric rings with the most frequently used located in the first 2 complete rings around the OK button where it is most natural to interact with the remote. The remaining controls are clustered based on functionality and importance and are separated by gently lowered concentric spacers allowing you to navigate this remote without looking.

The arced surfaces follow the natural curvature of the palm when relaxed creating a very pleasant product to hold and interact with. The concentric buttons are designed to follow the natural arc of the fingers as they reach further across the product making it easier to press a series of buttons without realigning your grip.

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