La Verdad - Nola Seeks Truth on Latest Spot for Chilevision

La Verdad: Nola Seeks Truth on Latest Spot for Chilevision

Working via 180 Grados, Nola Pictures' Juan Delcan directed and animated La Verdad, which promotes the channel's approach of respecting all people, without judgment and reporting clear unbiased truth.

"After our previous award-winning effort with Chilevision, on the Manifesto project, we were excited to team up again," stated Nola EP Charlie Curran. "Juan came through and once more provided a showcase of the depth, talent and diversity that continues to define Nola and what we're able to achieve under one roof."

The spot is a :90 romp through an abstract landscape of pulsing animation; an ever-changing quilt of intense characters, subtly defined landscapes, and shifting shapes, each morphing seamlessly into the other as the Chilean narrator contemplates the unpredictability of life and the importance of truth to one and all. A rich, textural color palette defines the space, while a driving guitar based track with chorus back up the narrative.

"I wanted to find a fresh, art-based illustration style," noted Delcan. "I was going for an illustrative style without hard line, based on expressionist paintings like those by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Our previous collaboration with Chilevision created a wonderful trust and confidence so our working dynamic now has a really streamlined production process."