Thonet S 8000 Conference Table System

Thonet S 8000 Conference Table System

Strong design and great functionality: the renowned architect Hadi Teherani has brought his wealth of experience to bear in the design of the S 8000 conference table system for Thonet. The tabletop rests on a single central stainless steel support and seems to float in space like a sculpture. This elegant support, which is continued like a ribbon along the surface of the tabletop, is the central element of the modern conference table system: different functional modules can be integrated as needed. Multimedia connections, a projector, a drinks cooler or storage boxes can be stowed away in a space-efficient manner whilst still being ready to hand.

Modern Conferencing
Comfort, elbowroom, time efficiency and cutting-edge media technology: the new conference table system perfectly meets the increasing demands placed on conferencing equipment. The meticulously conceived S 8000 system offers the complete integration of all media technology components in a central service duct. No need to upgrade your system for future meetings - all necessary functionality is already there.

In his design, Teherani was inspired by the iconology of the Frankenberg-based company: "The decisive aspect was the integration into Thonet's classic design language that uses curved elements as a basis in form and construction", said the designer. "I found the solution in a central runner, on which the table appears to float or balance, but is, nevertheless, absolutely stable. My second thought with the stainless steel runner was to have it penetrating the tabletop, again taking my cues from Thonet's classic bentwood and stainless steel tubing furniture, where construction and form are one and the same thing. Using this central unit, which can be directly accessed from each seat, the wireless integration of conferencing technology was predetermined by the design."

Measurements and Customisation Options
The S 8000 conference table system offers a multitude of practical solutions. Modules for media technology, storage boxes and drinks cooler are integrated into the central functionality slot that runs along the middle of the tabletop. Further modules are currently being developed. All wiring is hidden within the metal support structure. The cover plate of the functionality slot is available in stainless steel or with a powder-coated finish. Tabletop designs include a version in black cherry, a mineral synthetic material, beech, maple, oak, ash, walnut or a white or black lacquer. The S 8000 series also comes in five different sizes. The tabletop features a generous width of 1.50 m and comes in lengths of 2.70, 3.60, 4.50m, 5.40m or 6.30m. Depending on the size chosen, the conference table can accommodate 8 to 22 people.