GoldRun Builds First Invisible Pop-Up Store for Airwalk

GoldRun Builds First Invisible Pop-Up Store for Airwalk

AR mobile startup GoldRun worked closely with the Branded Content Division at Young & Rubicam to create the world's first Invisible Pop Up Store, selling limited edition Airwalk sneakers available exclusively through the GoldRun app.

Airwalk, known for their ultimate hangout kicks, was looking for a way to celebrate the re-launch of their classic style, the Jim, that speaks to the roots of the brand and channels the shoemaker's lineage.

"GoldRun is all about brand engagement, a platform that allows agencies to think up new ways to connect people with products. We ran with it, creating the first ever Invisible Pop Up Store," said Kerry Keenan of Y&R's Branded Content Division. "We are always looking into technologies to help us push the envelope and develop innovative brand experiences.

GoldRun made it easy to conceive a new use for its core features, and implement a customized experience that dovetails with Airwalk's overall brand narrative. What better place to showcase these limited-run replicas than in the parks and beaches that made Airwalk famous."

Airwalk Invivisble in NYC and Venice Beach
On Saturday, November 6, people who wanted a pair of these Airwalks "the Ladies" Jim Plastic and the Men's Jim Tennis" simply downloaded the GoldRun app, and headed to Venice Beach, Los Angeles, or Washington Square, New York City, to capture virtual versions of the sneakers GPS-linked to each location. They were immediately given an exclusive code link to complete their purchase of one of only 300 pairs produced by Airwalk.

The Airwalk Invisible Pop Up Stores mark the second major promotion for GoldRun within their first week of launch, with user-controlled, virtual catwalks for H&M running through Wednesday. "The Airwalk collaboration was important for several reasons," said GoldRun CEO Vivian Rosenthal.

"It shows that GoldRun is not an isolated app for one brand, but a versatile mobile ad platform that can host many different promotional programs for all types of organizations."

Versatile AR Marketing Platform
Equally important, the Invisible Stores highlighted the versatility of GoldRun. "We know that working with agencies like Young & Rubicam is vital," continued Rosenthal. "Less than a week after our debut, we see creative minds already developing an understanding of GoldRun's potential, and designing programs that will help the platform to evolve."

Opening up GoldRun to a variety of agencies and clients is part of the startup's plan to help brands take advantage of influential shifts in the technology and advertising sectors. "For us, GoldRun is the culmination of significant marketing industry trends, moving away from campaigns to a relationship-based paradigm, and the ascendance of the mobile interactive space," said Daniel Crowder, chief innovation officer, Goldrun. "We use features totally unique to the new breed of mobile devices to create a huge amount of brand intimacy using augmented reality."

With the explosion in smartphone sales and increasing recognition of the power of mobile marketing, GoldRun's protean platform provides a flexible and responsive solution for organizations looking to extend brand presence and expand distribution channels. "We can deliver discounts and host sweepstakes for H&M while simultaneously selling limited edition products for Airwalk," said vice president, creative Shai Rao. "That excites us as it shows that GoldRun can maintain the ingenuity and creative vision that defines a brand, while translating their objectives and overall values into the mobile space."