Connection - Alessi Introduces Exclusive Mezuzah for The Jewish Museum

Connection: Alessi Introduces Exclusive Mezuzah for The Jewish Museum

Alessi partnered with New York's Jewish Museum on a first-time exclusive collection entitled "Alessi for The Jewish Museum." Connection is the first installment in this collection - a mezuzah designed specifically for Alessi and The Jewish Museum by Dror Benshetrit, and it is available for purchase through The Jewish Museum Shops.

A design object as well as a spiritual one, "Connection" is realized in 18/10 stainless steel with an undulating pattern reminiscent of topography. The innovative and durable steel makes the mezuzah rust-proof and ideal for use on a covered porch or patio, or for indoor use. As is customary for Alessi, Studio Dror chose the name for the object in addition to designing the packaging, which contains a brochure detailing the scope of the project between Alessi and The Jewish Museum as well as instructions and materials for mounting the mezuzah.

"In this object that represents connection and belonging, I wanted to merge two complete forms that represent for me the dialogue between past and present, tradition and religion, ritual and habitual," said Dror Benshetrit. "By creating this dialogue and highlighting each element as a whole rather than as a part, I embrace the harmony that lives between them. The letter 'shin' that is usually on the face of the mezuzah, has been incorporated into the topography of the textured form, left for you to discover." Dror was inspired by the cast bronze stamp seal at left, a part of The Jewish Museum's permanent collection, originating from Northern Israel or Eastern Syria, 4th - 7th century C.E.

"The mezuzah is meant to express the act of human kindness and, besides the religious link, also gives a meaning of welcome, hope and spiritual comfort. Dror Benshetrit has given us a new and contemporary design to the traditional object, engraving itself in the long tradition of Alessi's collaborations with international museums; in this specific case with The Jewish Museum of New York," commented Alberto Alessi, President and Director of Marketing Strategies and Design Management at Alessi s.p.a.