Munro at Salisbury Cathedral

Munro at Salisbury Cathedral

Bruce Munro is installing Light Showers this week in the highest point inside Salisbury Cathedral. Due to be switched on between 1pm and 5pm on November 19, the piece is made of 2,000 shimmering points of light.

2,000 teardrop diffusers, set at the end of 2000 fibre optic threads, cascade down from the Spire Crossing.

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Munro at Salisbury Cathedral 02

"Within minutes of walking into the magnificent Nave of the cathedral I knew what I wanted to create," said Munro. "I firmly believe that a building gives all the clues to what will work best. I hope that what I create will capture the spiritual essence that pervades the space."

Munro chose the area where the Transepts intersect with the Nave for several reasons: there are excellent structural opportunities to suspend an invisible wire; this central space is midway between congregation and clergy and can act as a unifying link to other breathtaking features of the building. He hopes that the cascading shower light will act as a conduit and encourage both visitors and worshipers to see this wonderful building in a new light and really appreciate the building's vast spaces.

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Munro at Salisbury Cathedral 04

"In a sense I feel I am paying homage to all those wonderful artisans who worked on the Cathedral. Simply said it's a great privilege to create something for this great space," added Munro.

Bruce Munro

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