Access Ability - a Practical Handbook on Accessible Graphic Design

Access Ability: a Practical Handbook on Accessible Graphic Design

With the support of the Government of Ontario, Canada, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) released its handbook on accessible graphic design at this year's DesignThinkers.

Available in both printed and pdf formats, Access Ability: A Practical Handbook on Accessible Graphic Design is a free resource for anyone interested in designing communications that are more accessible and inclusive.

It covers print, web and environmental design offering ideas on how to do better design - what factors to consider, what questions to ask, and where to find more information, rather than a prescribed set of rules.

Also presented in each section are case studies contributed by R.G.D. Members.

These include such accessibly-designed projects as a traveller's handbook for York Region Transit, CNIB's website and the signage and wayfinding for Toronto's Pearson Airport - Terminal 1.

"Imagine your life cut off from the ability to access information. Professional graphic designers strive to make communications clear and compelling, turning ideas into interactions," explained Lionel Gadoury, RGD President.

"Inclusivity is essential to effective design and through this program, RGD is helping designers as they work to make our world more navigable and easier to understand."

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