Alessi Wins Five Good Design Awards

Alessi Wins Five Good Design Awards

Alessi announced that five renowned projects have earned a prestigious 2010 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. "Alessi is honored to be the recipient of 5 Good Design awards. We would like to thank the designers for such exciting and original projects and the Chicago Athenaeum for recognizing the creativity and innovative spirit of Alessi," said Paolo Cravedi, Managing Director of Alessi US.

Alessi Tonale

Each of the winning designs was created with Alessi's specific aesthetic in mind. Comprised of a seemingly random collection of objects produced in a variety of materials, the "Tonale" Table Set by David Chipperfield was inspired by vernacular ceramics from Asia, and conceived as an exercise in refining functional household objects.

Alessi Try it Trivet

The "Try it Trivet" by Dror Benshetrit is made up of three circular arcs, each of which can be considered a trivet in and of itself; when assembled together, they create a stable support for pots and pans.

matali crasset's Cake Plate from her "Essentiel de Patisserie" collection is composed of three plastic rings, and serves as a pedestal on which the cake is displayed.

Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini's "La Via Lattea" cheese knives were created in association with the Andrea Berti cutlery works in Scarperia, Italy. A single craftsman oversees the complete production cycle of the knife entrusted to him, and the blades are specially engineered for specific types of hard and soft cheeses.

"La Stanza dello Scirocco" basket by Mario Trimarchi is meant to evoke objects scattering in the wind of the Sicilian countryside.