Poser Debut - Consumer-Level 3D Animation Software

Poser Debut: Consumer-Level 3D Animation Software

Poser Debut is a stripped-down of Smith Micro's professional Poser Pro and Poser 3D figure design and animation software that's targeted at consumers. It features easy-to-use 3D scene creation tools that lets users pose and manipulate 3D figures ranging from photorealistic human figures to animals, monsters and aliens.

The $50 Poser Debut comes with 2GB of content to help get you started, including more than 70 ready-to-pose characters with a wide variety of clothing, props, cameras, and lights that make it easy to quickly create entire scenes on a virtual stage. It also includes a step-by-step project guide tutorial to give first timers a quick start.

The software's graphical interface is designed to be easy to use for beginning 3D artists, with simple click-and-drag posing and drag-and-drop item arrangement.

Poser Debut

The software also includes Smith Micro's Firefly rendering engine, which turns your 3D scene into a full color, detailed cartoon style image or animation.

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