Hood by Form Us With Love

Hood by Form Us With Love

When Form Us With Love moved to its new premises in Stockholm it turned to atelje Lyktan to develop a light for its conference table. Designed to be both a light source and a sound barrier in the vast studio space, the piece, called Hood, forms a halo over the table, catching loose sentences in its thick felt.

"We want it to be a modular system with the possibility of growing however big it needs to be," said Petrus Palmer, John Lofgren and Jonas Pettersson of Form Us With Love. The light is made up of separate felt panels that are assembled on site, making it a flat-pack product.

Although the light was made exclusively for the studio, atelje Lyktan is now working on a production model.

The 77-year-old lighting manufacturer atelje Lyktan has classics like Anders Pehrson's 1968 pendant lamp Bumling in its archives. Over the last year atelje Lyktan has taken a different approach to manufacturing, going back to its roots and highlighting the made to measure service that it was traditionally known for. The venture is called Ateljen and here a team of designers and craftsmen are available to develop lighting solutions for the contract market.

Form Us With Love started working with atelje Lyktan a few years ago with the LED light Ogle, which combines the function of a spotlight with the elegance of a pendant lamp.

Form Us With Love

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