PSFK Conference New York 2011

PSFK Conference New York 2011

On April 8, 2011, PSFK will host its fifth annual conference celebrating new ideas. An audience of creative professionals from across advertising, design, marketing and technology industries will listen to a mix of inspirational speakers curated by the PSFK editorial team.

Since 2007, PSFK has been bringing innovative thinkers together with the passionate members of the PSFK community, bringing to life the conversations that take place on

These gatherings feature creative professionals behind the inspiration curated each day by the PSFK editorial team, giving attendees the opportunity to hear the stories and experiences of these progressive minds.

A diverse program of speakers bring backgrounds in art, technology, design, marketing, and media, creating an environment where disparate ideas can come together in new ways to fuel work that changes the world for the better.

PSFK conferences expose this audience to ideas that are literally and laterally related to these complex challenges, that together form the building blocks innovation is made of. Attendees walk away with tools and connections to make meaningful change.

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