Fruit Bowl by Thomas Feichtner

Fruit Bowl by Thomas Feichtner

Fascinated by the history of Viennese Silver, Thomas Feichtner created a fruit bowl for the renowned Wiener Silber Manufactur.

This bowl is not a rounded body, instead, it is a sophisticated interplay of internal and external surfaces. At first glance, it appears as if the fruit might fall out through the openings in the legs, but actually, it becomes wedged and therefore stabilized. This, at one and the same time, is both an intended irritation and its most significant functional element. This way, the interface area between bowl and fruit is kept to a minimum, thus reducing the size of pressure area and potential damage to the fruit.

Simply bending the silver sheet produced a self-supporting structure, supported by three legs. Thus, in marked contrast to the organic shapes of the fruit, an almost "technical" effect is achieved, formally pointing to the style of Feichtner's previous works.

Thomas Feichtner

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