Brand New School East Adds Dennis Go as Design Director

Brand New School East Adds Dennis Go as Design Director

Jonathan Notaro and his colleagues at international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS) announced the addition of Dennis Go to the staff of their US East Coast studio as Design Director.

Dennis, who studied at the renowned Otis College of Art and Design, landed his first job at Fuel/Razorfish in 1999 as a design intern. At that time, Jonathan was an art director there, and when he left to launch Brand New School in Los Angeles in 2000, he invited both Dennis and his brother, famed BNS director Ben Go, onboard.

While Ben has remained an integral part of the BNS operations in LA, after a year, Dennis moved to New York City to help anchor the new BNS studio there, alongside Jonathan. As one of the studio's leading art directors, over the next five years Dennis contributed to many major BNS projects, and eventually began directing live-action shoots. The numerous award-winning projects Dennis contributed to for BNS include major broadcast spots and on-air promos for MTV and CMT, while he and Jonathan also co-wrote and co-directed the "Light and Day" music video for The Polyphonic Spree and Hollywood Records. In 2006, Dennis left BNS to join the directorial roster of Curious Pictures, and since 2008, he has worked as a freelance director and creative director.

"When I was at BNS, I grew a lot creatively and had a lot of fun doing it," Dennis explained. "I haven't felt the same type of growth the past few years, so going to BNS, I feel like I have the opportunity to grow again."

"Dennis is a creative visionary who always surprises you," Jonathan added. "I think that comes from his desire to invent something new and not repeat himself. With all the wonderful opportunities we now have on our plates, now is the perfect time for Dennis to be here. His ideas and direction will influence our success on those projects and our collective vision, just as they have in the past."

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