Advertising Design Studios

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  1. Brand New School

    Brand New School

    With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Brand New School is a bicoastal directing collective working in all fields of commercial art. Ever evolving, the studio continues to cultivate a sense of wonder and exploration. For its artists and clients alike, BNS represents an opportunity to play at work, to conduct experiments in image-making, and to feed the inspiration that drives the industry.

  2. loyalkaspar


    Loyalkaspar is a hybrid branding and creative agency. We forge deeper connections between brands and audiences through a tailored balance of strategic insight and creative ingenuity.

  3. Part of a Bigger Plan

    Part of a Bigger Plan

    Part of a Bigger Plan is an Amsterdam-based creative studio that creates and produces award-winning communications for international clients. We take pride in crafting concepts and branding that incorporate the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, art and film direction.

  4. blank


    Animagrafica is an independent multidisciplinary studio focused on communication, graphic design, corporate image, packaging and art direction.

  5. Mythology


    Mythology is a privately held creative studio founded and led by Anthony Sperduti and partners Fernando Music, and Ted Galperin. Located in downtown Manhattan, the team of 30 is comprised of the former Partners & Spade team, spanning creative disciplines in advertising, design and retail. The studio's size and philosophy allow us to articulate and create brands and brand messaging for startups as well as Fortune 50 companies.

  6. The Brave New Now

    The Brave New Now

    The Brave New Now is a creative company with a bold ambition: to make brilliantly creative, culturally relevant work in a better way, for today.

  7. LI Studios

    LI Studios

    With offices in Sri Lanka, LI Studios delivers premium digital interactive & creative design.

  8. Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

    Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

    Vitalstrats Creative Solutions (VCS) is a full-service creative agency that was established in 2004. VCS began as a small home-based design team with a passion for creativity. Through the years, they have been blessed with opportunities that paved the way for more learnings, fruitful partnerships, and a diversified portfolio. In 2008, VCS began to offer full-scale video production services, and in 2013 VCS ventured into social media content. In 2014, they repositioned themselves as a digital content production agency centered on strategic creativity.

  9. Omnislash Visual

    Omnislash Visual

    Omnislash Visual is a creative content studio that works with brands to tell their story and build loyalty through storytelling and evocative visuals.

  10. Flava


    With cliental that covers wide industry segments, Flava is a multi-disciplinary design company capable at managing concept, design and production individually or as a whole. As specialist in print, web, exhibition and 3D media, we are able to provide clients with complete marketing solutions that is both engaging and creative.

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    JED Creative

    JED Creative is a design studio based in Jakarta. We work with small and big corporates and help to achieve their goals through design.

    Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
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    Lawrence & Pierce

    Lawrence & Pierce is a full-service creative communications agency, based in the centre of Nottingham, that has been operating successfully for 21 years.

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    Fake Love

    Fake Love is an award-winning creative boutique in New York that focuses on immersive commercial and artistic visual storytelling and branding. We write, design, code, produce and shoot anything you can imagine.

  14. Humanaut


    Humanaut is a brand invention and advertising agency that makes things humans love. We specialize in building brands, sharable content and product experiences from scratch.

  15. blank


    Launched in 2003 by Advertising and design Creative Director Tim Ashton, Antidote is an ideas company that creates exciting ideas for a diverse range of companies and brands.

  16. Fred and Farid

    Fred & Farid

    Fred & Farid is an independent creative boutique network based in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai founded by Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart.

  17. blank is a multidisciplinary design agency operating in the fields of graphic design, design strategy, product design, interior design and advertising.

  18. blank

    Less Rain

    Design firm with bases in Berlin, London and Tokyo. We create ads and video commercials.

  19. Seenk


    Paris based design studio specialized in brand, digital, motion and audiovisual design.

  20. blank

    Davis Materialworks

    Davis Materialworks is a visual communications company located in Singapore. We provide creative services, visual materials and exhibitions solutions.

  21. Strata


    Strata is an integrated live event and experiential agency. We bring together strategic planning, creative concepts and meticulous production under one roof to deliver a different level of brand experience.

  22. Tandem Create

    Tandem Create

    Tandem Create is a brand house of collective expertise, spanning over 25 years. Our team is comprised of creative professionals that hold accreditation and targeted experience in the field of design and packaging.

  23. Joba


    Joba is an award-winning design, marketing and communications studio in Blacksburg, VA. Through impactful design and compelling communications, we provide the total brand experience to local, national, and international brands in order to reach audiences in a way that matters.

  24. blank


    With over 25 years experience in B2B and B2C Communication Design, Limelight helps clients build their business.

  25. blank

    The Bytown Group

    A tight knit group of advertising, design and web professionals that eat, sleep and breathe great creative. We've kept ourselves small because we believe strongly in keeping things simple. Clean, clear and to the point.

  26. blank

    Mother New York

    Mother New York is an independent creative agency that creates everything from advertising campaigns, white whiskey, and music showcases.

  27. Front Page

    Front Page

    For twenty-five years we've been creating award-winning solutions for an enviable list of clients. To put it simply, we help make brands work better.

  28. FF Creative Community

    FF Creative Community

    FF Creative Community is an independent creative boutique network based in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Shanghai founded by Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart.

  29. DASH


    DASH is a Hong Kong-based creative agency founded in 2005. We curate compelling content and create engaging designs across disciplines, from graphic design to advertising, integrated branding & strategic marketing.

  30. Spil Creative

    Spil Creative

    Spil is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that leverages design to empower small businesses, launch new brands, and revitalize established organizations.

    Brooklyn, NY, United States