Products of Design - Summer Program in France, 2011

Products of Design: Summer Program in France, 2011

Products of Design workshop is an immersive, multi-disciplinary experience exploring the rapidly changing field of product design.

Held in Boisbuchet, France, the program will stress a hands-on, making-driven approach to create new points of entry into the enterprise of design.

Each day, several facets of the design process will be explored: rapid sketching, brainstorming, materials investigation, prototyping, model building, iteration, narrative creation, sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The program is based on the acknowledgement that industrial-age product design has radically changed in recent years, evidenced by its blurring boundaries and explosive range of new practitioners (makers, crafters, technologists, artists), its multi-disciplinary processes, and its varied outputs, or "products of design."

Participants will investigate the dynamic opportunities these changes present, and through design thinking, design making, and design telling, will complete the program with new skills, new vocabularies and new fluencies.

School of Visual Arts