The Core Teams with Agency Goodness and Lucas Arts for New Lego Star Wars 3 Video Game Campaign

The Core Teams with Agency Goodness and Lucas Arts for New Lego Star Wars 3 Video Game Campaign

Creative production company The Core's stylized visual effects chops are on full display in a series of humorous spots for the latest Lego Star Wars III video game creation from Lucas Arts. Working with Los Angeles-based agency Goodness Mfg, Director Chris Hoffman incorporated his signature tongue-in-check visual style into this epic campaign set atop a mesmerizing golden sunset hillside.

Known for his mastery of color, Hoffman worked with a tight knit Core team of eight VFX artists over six weeks to complete the project. "I am lucky in that each of The Core's artists are cherry picked for their exemplary talents," Hoffman said, "and as a result, we worked as a small, intimate team that was very efficient."

The spots - entitled "Charge," "Trooper" and "Door" - show off not only a panache visual effects style with rich vivid colors, but also manage to capture the little Lego character's emotional charge and ultimately the humorous gag that ends the spots.

"We had a great time working with the team at Goodness," Hoffman added. "They brought some solid, funny creative ideas for these spots and gave us the creative freedom to run with the structure of the spots. They're an ideal agency to work with."

After only two and half years, The Core continues its remarkable creative surge, firmly gaining ground in the industry and reputation. The Core has racked up an impressive list of clients, and swooped up a collection of awards. Executive Producer Chad Feeback makes no secret of his goals for the studio.

"We have made a lot headway in a short amount of time," Feeback said. "We have some of the best talent in the industry at The Core, and we place great importance on healthy client relations, which is why so many of our clients keep coming back to us."

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