Aniden Interactive Designs a Multi-Touch Interactive Experience for IFC

Aniden Interactive Designs a Multi-Touch Interactive Experience for IFC

Marking the first collaboration between IFC and Aniden Interactive, the digital design agency created a user interface for IFC's multi-touch interactive experience inside the network's IFC Crossroads House at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival. The multi-touch experience consisted of two 60" touchscreen displays, with a touch enabled area measuring 52.5" wide by 29.5" tall. Users were greeted with a 3D carousel of content they could browse, which included photos and clips of IFC shows and a fun "Create a Message" game, which allowed multiple users to create sentences with a collection of available words.

Aniden also incorporated QR codes to the UI design to further engage users. A QR code was available for every show, so users could immediately go to iTunes and download their favorite content. A QR code was also available for users to easily join the IFC Insiders, an online panel where fans can share their thoughts opinions and ideas about IFC shows. While enjoying a multi-touch experience and browsing through IFC shows at the IFC Crossroads House, users were also able to view videos and pictures showcasing the best of SXSW film interactive and music.

"The expansive multi-touch area allowed multiple users to quickly and easily create their own words of wisdom for the community message board," said David Chien, Experience Manager at Aniden Interactive. The engaging event was designed and produced by Nikipedia LLC and custom installations were designed and fabricated by Moe Hallak Design.

"Aniden Interactive far surpassed our expectations for designing an interactive experience for our SXSW House. Aniden's UI design embodied IFC's sensibility perfectly and allowed fans to interact with the network and learn about upcoming original series while enjoying the SXSW festival," said Kent Rees, SVP of Marketing at IFC.

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