Varoom 15 - Knowledge

Varoom 15: Knowledge

The Association of Illustrators released Varoom 15. For Varoom 15 they have travelled from the Land of Blind Faith, through Imagination County and ended up at Resolution Mountains.

Lost? Don't worry, follow the map on Marian Bantjes' beautiful illustration for the Knowledge issue.

Also, Airside agency show us How To Do How To Do films with illustrative wit; we learn five lessons from the comics festival in Angouleme, and Des McCannon shows us the educational, intellectual and practical value of using illustration across all disciplines in school.

Illustrators featured in Varoom 15 include: Edward Gorey, Paul Davis, Marian Bantjes, Art Spiegelman, Baru, Dominique Goblet, Norman Rockwell, Luke Best, Alan Baker, David Foldvari, Marion Deuchars, Agnes Decourchelle, Slawa Harasymowicz, Michael Gillette, Masumi Briozzo, Laura Carlin, Luis Scafati, Stuart Murray, Neal Fox, Richard Dinnis and Lorenzo Chiavini.


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