MapQuest Debuts New Green Office Space

MapQuest Debuts New Green Office Space

MapQuest celebrates its 15th anniversary on April 25 and will blow out the birthday candles in their new, cutting-edge office space unveiled in the LoDo (Lower Downtown) neighborhood in Denver. The new 17,000-square-foot space combines raw materials with a contemporary design to deliver a start-up feeling. There are no actual offices, encouraging real-time dialogue, problem-solving and creativity.

"MapQuest is a collaborative, transparent and innovative team that moves at mach-speed," said Christian Dwyer, senior vice president and general manager, MapQuest. "We wanted to create an environment that extended our brand and showcased our personality that embodies MapQuest's vision for the next 15 years."

IA Interior Architects were tasked with the challenge to help MapQuest bring their new identity to life within the walls of the office space. The solution was to provide MapQuest with the feel, look and energy of a young upstart company. The integrity of the raw architecture was enhanced with the addition of metal, glass and recycled materials from local resources. The end result is that of a highly sustainable solution.

One of the biggest challenges facing IA Interior Architects and project lead, Stephanie Schimtz, was the fast-track schedule. With an accelerated timeline of just five months from ideation to relocation, the team executed construction of the space in seven weeks. During this short time frame, the design team was able to keep the space raw, but managed to obtain the "start up" feel that MapQuest felt was inherent to the new vibe of the brand. The end goal was to keep the space fresh, fun and invigorating.

"In addition to the start-up feel, MapQuest also wanted the construction and space to be environmentally conscious," said Stephanie Schimtz, project manager, IA Interior Architects. "We only used materials where we needed to, leaving an exposed concrete floor in many places, and incorporating repurposed wood, low-flow bathroom amenities, and non-toxic building supplies."

Cited as an up-and-coming technology hub, the Denver-Boulder, Colo., area is home to a variety of entrepreneurs, creative agencies and venture capital organizations. MapQuest's Denver office houses more than 60 employees, but will also hosts a variety of tech community events.

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