Loewy Unlimited Launches, Led by Top Creatives

Loewy Unlimited Launches, Led by Top Creatives

Loewy Unlimited, the new central offer from the Loewy Group and the strategic and creative force behind the development of Dixons Retail plc's unique new service brand, KNOWHOW*, is unveiled today.

Loewy Unlimited brings together a formidable combination of skills. Richard Seymour, Richard Williams, Phil Ley and Julian Grice (of design and innovation companies; Seymourpowell and Williams Murray Hamm, brand consultancy; Branded and design communications agency; The Team respectively) drive a collaborative model, where bespoke 'unlimited' teams are put together from across the wider Loewy Group, to solve specific business problems. It's a powerful nucleus, feeding years of trend forecasting, innovation, strategic brand communications and creative expertise into a single, focused, problem-solving entity.

"Loewy Unlimited was set up to integrate and amplify the breadth of thinking that exists throughout the various Loewy Group companies," said Richard Seymour, Loewy Unlimited's head of vision. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The boundaries are dissolved between the individual organisations to create powerful, exciting ideas that provide magnetic consumer appeal, across all disciplines and channels."

"We leave our own agency allegiances at the door, coming together with the right set of skills for the common good of solving business problems," added Phil Ley, Loewy Unlimited's director of strategy. "What the client gets from Loewy Unlimited is a premiership team; a calibre of people of such high-quality, it's like comparing the individual players of Manchester United pitched against those of say Wigan."

Loewy Unlimited in Action
As part of Dixons Retail's Renewal and Transformation programme, the UK's largest electrical retailer recently launched its service brand KNOWHOW to deliver significant improvement for its customers and to further differentiate its offering from competitors. Loewy Group were appointed by Dixons Retail, to create the new brand and establish the way KNOWHOW engages with its customers.

"We have found Loewy incredibly easy to work with, but that doesn't mean that they have not been challenging," commented Katie Bickerstaffe, Group Director for Marketing, People and Property at Dixons Retail. "Loewy has challenged us to stretch our thinking, yet always they have presented us with the art of the possible. Quick to respond to our needs whenever challenges have arisen, their advice in response has been inspiring. Loewy is very seamless. There is no sense of multiple organisations. When you deal with Loewy companies you know you are working with a Group that are experienced at working as one."

The Loewy Unlimited Brand
Creation of the new brand and the specially commissioned film for Loewy Unlimited, has been headed up by Loewy design consultancy, Williams Murray Hamm and led by its creative director and former D&AD president, Garrick Hamm.