Tali Krakowsky of Apologue to Speak on Experience Design at Eyeo Festival and PromaxBDA

Tali Krakowsky of Apologue to Speak on Experience Design at Eyeo Festival and PromaxBDA

Tali Krakowsky, founder of experience design studio Apologue, will be speaking at the Eyeo Festival on June 27-28 in Minneapolis, and at the 2011 PromaxBDA Conference on June 30, in NYC.

At the Eyeo Festival, Krakowsky will be moderating in two panels. On June 27th is a panel that wonders "WHY" and features Golan Levin, Natalie Jeremijenko, and Zach Lieberman. Why do we do what we do? Why should our spaces be infused with the digital? Why data? Why code? Why generative? Why collaborative? Why interactive? Why color? Why sound? Why touch? Why do frameworks have to be open? Why design?

June 28th will feature a panel called "Coding Spaces" with Emily Gobeille, Theo Watson and Jake Barton. Peep behind walls made of bits and bytes to unravel and contemplate the art and science of imagining, coding and building interactive environments. The panel will search for some general process ideas, tips, warnings, recommendations and insights into the making of these fascinating spaces.

The Eyeo Festival brings together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow with three days of talks, labs, demos & events fueled by the people and tools that are transforming digital culture.
At PromaxBDA, Krakowsky will be speaking on a panel called "The Experiential Movement: Motion Design for the Public Space."

Design moves beyond personal screens into the public space from hotels to opera houses, airports to concert halls, architectural environments to the street. Hear some of today's most innovative design and branding professionals with backgrounds in the arts, architecture, music and design as they share their most interesting work, ideas on commercial and cultural projects for public spaces, as well as their thoughts on the state of design and communication today. Moderated by Ada Whitney of Beehive with panelists Krakowsky, Vivian Rosenthal of Goldrun, and Jakob Trollback of Trollback + Company.