IPC Partners with frog to Create Multimedia Strategy to Further Redefine Trader Communications

IPC Partners with frog to Create Multimedia Strategy to Further Redefine Trader Communications

IPC Systems has joined forces with frog to assist in developing a strategy to deliver a new standard for multi-media communication for traders with the Unigy platform. The collaboration combines IPC's long history of innovation in trading communications with frog's intuitive and unique vision to create a fully integrated trading communications "cockpit."

Traders and trade support teams need integrated capability in a central portal for customer contact interfaces, video enablement and workflow applications that do not require third party systems. Bringing together multiple communications streams including video, IM, chat, call, intercom and hoot seamlessly allows traders, their clients and support teams to find the right communications "airspace" to communicate effectively to enhance productivity and help teams adapt workflow to better meet their needs.

"Our customers look to IPC to spearhead innovation in trading communications. Earlier this year we launched Unigy, our open standards platform that offers customers massive flexibility to increase productivity and develop applications that will improve trading workflow," said Mark Miller, vice president, product management, IPC Systems. "Our unmatched understanding of the trading community gives us a unique view to make multi-media an inherent part of trading communications and trade workflow. frog has integral partner in our development of our industry-leading turrets and productivity applications. We look forward to continuing to leverage frog's creativity in order to extend the reach of a trader's desktop and increase their productivity."

The trading turret and communications platform is part of a trading workflow that leverages email, instant messaging, chat, video, order management systems, customer relationship management systems and productivity applications. Integrating these functions will help firms gain greater trading velocity, more agility when global opportunities arise and a depth of service that will ultimately help better service their customers. IPC will work with its customers as well as frog to develop and execute this integration strategy for a seamless and tailored trader "cockpit."

"frog is delighted to help IPC launch the next major evolution of their business and to help IPC continue their transition from a hardware-focused company to a more open and powerful software platform," commented Robert Fabricant, Vice President, Creative, at frog. "IPC serves one of the most demanding audiences in the world: traders on Wall Street. As the market leader, IPC truly appreciates the powerful role that design can play in understanding the quickly changing needs of traders today. frog worked to translate those needs into innovative, yet very practical, tools to increase traders' efficiency and effectiveness. We are very proud that IPC collaborates with frog to create ground-breaking new applications, such as Unigy, to keep both IPC and traders alike ahead in highly competitive industries."

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