BMW Guggenheim Lab Has Launched Interactive Website

BMW Guggenheim Lab Has Launched Interactive Website

The official BMW Guggenheim Lab website has launched. The website will be the "go to" resource for information about the BMW Guggenheim Lab, including background information on the project, behind-the-scenes videos, and everything visitors need to plan their visit.

The website will announce the initial programming schedule for the BMW Guggenheim Lab when it opens in New York on August 3, including offerings such as an interactive installation, site-specific events, workshops, discussions, performances, and informal gatherings. The programming schedule will be updated regularly. All events are free.

The website also will serve as a platform for sharing and exchange that extends the physical experience of the BMW Guggenheim Lab by connecting people worldwide in thoughtful discussion about current issues and concepts relating to the theme Confronting Comfort.

A highlight of the new website will be personal vision statements from the esteemed members of the BMW Guggenheim Lab Advisory Committee.

The website has been designed by Bureau for Visual Affairs. The graphic identity of the BMW Guggenheim Lab has been designed by Sulki & Min.

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