Frame Magazine Issue 81

Frame Magazine Issue 81

The latest issue of Frame Magazine is now on the bookshelves. Frame poses the question "Who's afraid of colour?" and proceeds to take us through a slew of top projects that clearly aren't.

In this issue, the main topic is the David Adjaye's Russian art inspired business school in Moscow.

This school is the perfect combination of color blocking and constructivism. Scottish designers Nick Ross and Fraser Reid have altered a set of identical models into a series of chairs that draw equals between man and nature.

The magazine, then studies Matali Crasset's radiant take on the Dar HI Hotel's indigenous design architecture in Tunisia.

Frame explores digital design with SOFTLab, where code co-exists with color and Patrick Tighe, an LA architecture best known for his sharply angled houses and studios.

His installation fuses poetry and technology, which is an addition to an ongoing series documented in the Southern California Institute of architecture's recent publication, SCI-Art Gallery 2002-2010.

In the end Frame visits the exciting views Ecosistema Urbana and Idom.

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