Viktor&Rolf Secret Service CRM Program - Designed and Deployed by Brand Advocate

Viktor&Rolf Secret Service CRM Program: Designed and Deployed by Brand Advocate

Luxury fragrance brand Viktor&Rolf (L'Oreal Luxury Products Division) has launched a new CRM program for the addicts of the enchanting Flowerbomb fragrance in its key European markets.

This new CRM approach promises a unique and privileged experience, with access to three different magical worlds, accessible to members based on confidential codes found only on the packaging of Flowerbomb products. Designed and developed by Brand Advocate, Viktor&Rolf Secret Service is a gateway to an enchanted place filled with secrets such as the inspiration of its designers and the irresistible ingredients of the Flowerbomb fragrance.

Viktor&Rolf Secret Service is a custom loyalty program, designed to develop long-term relationships and boost sales with its loyal customers, within the mysterious world of Flowerbomb, always staying true to the designers' vision. The program was conceived as an invitation to a voyage among worlds, reflecting the universe of Viktor&Rolf, and the irresistible floral explosion that is Flowerbomb, and offering members exclusive content and offers as well as secrets never before revealed.

The multichannel program is principally experienced online, with recognition and rewards through the offline component. Members maintain contact with the brand throughout the year through a variety of CRM tools: email, direct mail, gifts, samples and invitations.

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