Thonet S 1300 Table System - Intelligent, Functional, Efficient

Thonet S 1300 Table System: Intelligent, Functional, Efficient

With its new S 1300 Table System, Thonet presents an intelligent solution for both the contract and office sector. The Berlin-based Delphin Design Studio has developed a functional table system with a patented technique that allows the legs to be screwed into the worktop without using any tools. Entire table systems can be set up and disassembled quickly and securely.

The range's patented technology is entirely contained within the head of the table leg. Simply turning the legs locks them tightly into the flush-mounted bearing plates. Each end piece of the table legs can interlock two or four tabletops together. This means that complex table arrangements can be achieved using a minimal number of legs. "The top of the legs provides a large bearing surface that offers optimum stability," explained designers Thomas Wagner and Dirk Loff. "This element tapers elegantly downwards, merging into the rotatable slender round tube. The proportions of the legs are pared down to the bare minimum, producing a light, transparent look and giving plenty of legroom."

The modular tabletops are available in a variety of sizes, offering a range of combinations from simple desks to large, generous conference table systems. Alongside the most common tabletop sizes (70 cm x 140 cm / 80 cm x 160 cm / 90 cm x 180 cm) and their matching corner and quadrant joining elements, custom-made designs are also available. The tabletops are available in beech, maple, ash, black cherry, oak and walnut veneers. The connecting elements for the chromed legs are also available in highly polished, die-cast aluminium.

Additional components provide vertical and horizontal cable routing and the system can be fitted with a selection of media connection sockets. According to the end users' needs, various dividing screens are also available. The S 1300 table system is easily transportable and takes up little space when stowed away.