Sustainability by Design - Call for Case Studies

Sustainability by Design: Call for Case Studies

The AIA New York Chapter is offering a 5 part workshop series of Continuing Education Programs providing a detailed look at sustainable design in the New York region. The series will commence in September and run through early December, 2011.

As a part of each workshop, specific case studies relative to sustainable design in general and focused on the workshop topic in particular will be presented to augment the content of the topic. It is expected that these case studies will provide a regional focus to the thematic discussions for each session.

The AIANY is calling for case studies for inclusion in the workshop series around one or more of the following topic areas; sites and sustainability, the building envelope, renewable energy, and building systems.

Deadline for submissions is August 25, 2011.

Sites and Sustainability
Community and site context, connecting to the broader energy picture, and energy efficiency through site design

The Building Envelope
Manipulation of form and shape, and attention to detail to enhance building performance

Renewable Energy
Integrating renewable energy and assessing processes and products of renewables to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Building Systems
Efficient optimization and innovative approaches to HVAC, electrical, lighting and water to reduce non-renewable energy needs

Submission Requirements
Submissions, in a PowerPoint format shall include 6 to 12 images/details with a focus on one of the topics above (Site, Envelope, Renewables, Systems). Each screen shot should also include a bullet point summary of the image. In addition, a synoptic, but detailed description (in a PDF or Word format) of what feature is being illustrated should also be included. This summary should address such things as what system, method or approach was incorporated; why it was selected; how it influenced the design; and what its impact on energy and design performance has been. Metrics of performance, if available, are also encouraged and requested. Separate submissions for individual topics from the same building are acceptable.

Building Type
Any building type (preferably built) - other than single family residential - is encouraged.

Building Location
Any building in the greater Metropolitan New York region will be considered.
Review and Selection: Review of submitted material will occur in August, with notification to firms shortly thereafter. Those projects selected as case studies will be built into the Sustainability series and shared as examples during the workshop. Workshop presenters will provide an overview of the case studies, although if the architect is in attendance during the workshop (s)he may be asked to provide a few words about the project. Project designers will not be presenting the case studies.

Submission Deadline
August 25, 2011

Submission Location
All material should be submitted electronically Berit Hoff, bhoff at, by the deadline noted above.

Questions regarding the Call for Case Studies should be directed to pja-arch at

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