Geyrhalter and Co Gives LA's Only Consumer CO-OP a Well-Crafted Brand Lift

Geyrhalter & Co Gives LA's Only Consumer CO-OP a Well-Crafted Brand Lift

Co-opportunity has been a steadfast grocery staple in Santa Monica since 1974. But as fresh as the community-run market's produce is, the branding and logo had become stale. Local branding experts Geyrhalter & Company gave this neighborhood market a new look that allows them to compete with the bigger names in natural food grocery stores while keeping it authentic.

A new identity was needed to help Co-opportunity stand out in the crowded marketplace while keeping the store in touch with their local roots. Creating a new identity for a 37-year-old member-owned co-op called for authenticity and a handmade community-like feel.

The resulting logo is a curated collection of grocery related silhouettes that work together to outline the Co-op name. Each item in the mark is rustic and simple, yet the logo in its entirety is full of life, representing the market-life and its vendors, employees and members. It comes closer to an artwork than a traditional corporate logo. Allowing the shapes to carve out the name is a metaphor for the co-op concept and the notion that the disparate parts of the community create the whole.

Geyrhalter also contributed web strategy and design, building a newly re-branded and highly functional online presence for the grocer. This suite of brand upgrades support a major interior remodel and curb appeal improvements intended to accommodate future growth for the grocer and expansion of the Co-opportunity brand.

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