Juventus' New Stadium with Interiors Designed by Pininfarina

Juventus' New Stadium with Interiors Designed by Pininfarina

The interiors of the Juventus' new stadium have been designed by Pininfarina. The design team of the new stadium wanted Pininfarina Extra at its side to give further value to all internal areas accessible by spectators: honour lounge, boxes, glacis seats, benches, locker rooms, restaurants.

Juventus New Stadium 01

"Collaborating to the making of Juventus' new stadium allowed us to express once more our creativity on a Turin city's icon, after the yet lucky experience of the Olympic Cauldron," commented Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra. "During the planning of the plant we took advantage by the correspondence between Juventus' and Pininfarina's brand identity, both with elegance, essentiality and with that Italian touch that becomes a distinctive sign. Our work was focused on giving style and aesthetic personality to the stadium, never forgetting functionality, comfort and safety, basic requirements for an installation which can hold up to 41,000 people."

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Juventus New Stadium 02

Designers have planned a solution joining present and future, keeping the architectural memory of the old plant alive, and creating a city's new symbol, for supporters - who, starting from this season, will have a wholly white&black plant - for sports' lovers and for citizens. In particular, the project set up by Pininfarina Extra involves the interiors of all the stadium's areas - floors, lights, furniture, boxes and lounge - besides glacis seats. The seats for the audience have been drawn up like pixels of a huge picture, that when the stadium will be empty will show symbolic images of Juventus' great champions.