Renault Twizy - An Unprecedented Urban Mobility Solution

Renault Twizy: An Unprecedented Urban Mobility Solution

Twizy is an unprecedented solution for city motoring. Its nimble handling prompts parallels with the world of scooters and motorbikes, yet the standard of safety and comfort it delivers is close to that of a four-wheeled vehicle.

Twizy is a member of the "twin family" of vehicles designed for trips for two, Renault's new star combines head-turning styling with conceptual breakthrough to make the electric revolution not just a technological feat but a social phenomenon, too. The "A new way to travel" slogan will never ring hollow again thanks to Twizy, an alternative to three-wheeler vehicles such as the Piaggio MP3 and license-free cars that are much more expensive and conventional.

Agile, fun, frugal and clean, and boasting an excellent braking system, Twizy impresses with its radical concept as a precursor of everyday vehicles of the future. Onboard instrumentation has been kept to a minimum. The dial displays speed, the "gear" in use, and information on the battery and range, which can be managed using a gauge that shows the energy consumption level and the energy recovered during braking.

Visibility is excellent as both sides of the vehicle are structure-free apart from protective wings, which will be available as options. Twizy is a thoroughly contemporary vehicle with pure lines, an emphasis on economy and an absence of superfluous detail. Ideas of inside and outside merge with Twizy. Drivers travel as one with the city with no separation.

Helmets aren't obligatory on board Twizy. And an airbag and four-point seat-belts at the front and three-point belts at the rear protect occupants in the event of impact, much better than on a scooter.

A lightweight and compact quadricycle, Twizy is the unidentified driving object that the electric revolution has been waiting for. Changes in mobility requirements needed an adapted solution. Twizy is a bold creation that is set to change city life.

As its name suggests, Twizy comes in two forms: the Twizy 45, a 5 hp version with top speed limited at 45 kph for those who don't yet have their license or have lost their license; and the "regular" model with 17 hp for a top speed of 80 kph.

Families will be able to share Twizy, for going to school and commuting, as well as shopping - equipped with a 31 liter boot at the back and 10 liters of storage at the front. Twizy takes three and a half hours to charge on a regular household socket, using a coiled cable housed in a flap at the front. Range is 100 km in the city, the vehicle's favorite hunting grounds.

As for Renault's entire Z.E. range, the batteries can be rented for 50 Euro a month. The 45 kph model will retail from 6,990 Euro and the license version from 7,690 Euro. The drive-train consists of lithium-ion batteries located under the front seat and a converter, transforming the direct current from the battery into direct current for the motor.

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