Design by Nature - Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design

Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design

Design by Nature, written by designer and educator Maggie Macnab (author of award winning Decoding Design), is a practical book for designers that explores nature's physical expressions of pattern, shape, order, symmetry and other ways in which it functions with seamless efficiency and beauty.

Nature's supreme ability to solve problems as they are needed using universal principles and processes applied in unique ways makes it useful for anyone interested in applying creative problem solving to their work or life.

The book contains exercises and designer process studies (Stefan Sagmeister, Debbie Millman, Kenya Hara, Jonathan Harris, John Langdon, Ellen Lupton, Erik Spiekermann, and many others), as well as including work from street artist Banksy, nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, MC Escher, and architect Buckminster Fuller.

Its foreword is written by Debbie Millman, the former president of the national AIGA.

Maggie Macnab