Absolut Blank App

Absolut Blank App

Today, Absolut released a technically groundbreaking app that will invite consumers to join the creative movement, following the launch of their recent Absolut Blank campaign. The application allows users to look at the world in a new, creative and imaginative way. By using the iPhone's camera and microphone the app creates images and sounds inspired by the content that it has been fed with by the user. Every user is thereby creating an interactive piece of art.

The very first time you use the app it starts with an Absolut Blank bottle shape canvas. The more it's fed with content, the more the art piece evolves. When the user is happy with the creation, he or she can then upload it to the Absolut Blank gallery on absolutblank.com and share with friends on Facebook.

"The Absolut Blank app is both highly innovative and very addictive, it really changes your perception of your surroundings," said Mark Hamilton, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company.

"Once you've started, you just want to feed it with more inspiration to see how the art piece evolves. With this application we want to inspire our consumers to participate and be a part of the global creative movement as inspired by Absolut."

The Absolut Blank App is available for iPhone 3GS, 4 and iPad2.