Cosmos - Superfad Creates Alternate Animated Universe for Cartoon Network Toonix

Cosmos: Superfad Creates Alternate Animated Universe for Cartoon Network Toonix

If you've ever wished the world behaved like it does in cartoons, you'll love Superfad's new promo for Cartoon Network's "Toonix." Directed by Nando Costa, the promo opens with a boy who transforms into a colorful animated character, and then shrinks down to the scale of an action figure. His desktop becomes the animated embodiment of Toonix in the real world, as 3D characters run wild in a micro-universe of imagination, all speaking to the rich illustrated palette and vibrant social network of the Toonix site. With careful attention to each and every irreverent detail, the spot is a visual feast full of tiny moments that reward repeated viewing.

"Cartoon Network's 'Toonix' world is an amazing space where online users can explore a really broad library of cartoons and games, as well as interact with each other in a social network manner via incredibly rich illustrated worlds," explained Costa. "We wanted to bring this to life in 'Cosmos' by creating an overwhelmingly lush and shinny animated world, where everything is alive and in constant motion."

Cosmos 01
Cosmos 02

Superfad shot the live-action on a Canon 5D and a single axis Dynamic Perception motion control dolly. The effects and CG characters were then tracked and incorporated using Maya and After Effects.