Gumsaver - The Future of Periodontal Care, Designed by Dolton and Dex

Gumsaver: The Future of Periodontal Care, Designed by Dolton & Dex

Dolton & Dex has developed a new technology for its client Gumsaver that promises to revolutionise dental hygiene, oral health and the treatment of gum disease.

The Gumsaver toothbrush removes bacteria, food debris and plaque by brushing the tooth below the gum line, thus helping to prevent infection and decay. The product's unique design profile enables users to employ a unique brushing action by utilising two sets of moulded microfilaments, angled for optimum brushing efficiency, gentleness and comfort. In addition, the Gumsaver's elegant handle profile maximises accuracy, control, dexterity and grip for the user.

Dolton & Dex were responsible for the product's complete research and development cycle, from initial concept design through injection moulding tool design to volume manufacture. The consultancy employed 3D modelling, brush aesthetics, CAD simulation, colour and materials selection, engineering, POS packaging and graphic design to bring the project to fruition in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.

"I can only express my gratitude for the way in which Dolton & Dex has managed the design and fabrication of the Gumsaver toothbrush," said Gumsaver director Mohammed Bostan. "Their understanding of manufacturing techniques has meant a seamless move from design to volume manufacture. I am looking forward to working with them on future iterations of the Gumsaver brush."

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