Blurb Launches ebooks for the iPad

Blurb Launches ebooks for the iPad

Today, Blurb announced their first step into the ebook market with ebooks for Apple's iPad and iPhone. The new Blurb ebooks are visually stunning and optimized to display images and text on the devices.

Additionally, any book previously created through Blurb's bookmaking tools, Booksmart and Bookify, can now be output as an ebook with a simple click of the button.

"This is not just an ebook offering, it's way more than that," commented Eileen Gittins, Blurb Founder and CEO.

"Blurb now lets authors create their book once and then output their book to either print or ebook formats, from the same file, quickly and automatically.

Fans and customers can then buy whichever version they prefer at the Blurb bookstore. That's game-changing. Plus there's more to come."

Until now most self-published authors wanting to create a visually rich ebook had to hire a software developer to produce it, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars and taking many weeks.

With Blurb's new ebook offering, the file conversion happens automatically in moments, and costs just $1.99 per download, saving Blurb authors considerable time, money and frustration.

Blurb ebooks include all the design and interaction benefits of Apple iOS technology: two-page spreads, pinch and zoom capabilities and uncompressed images, providing a stunningly rich visual experience, with no quality compromise.

Like all Blurb books, ebooks can be listed for sale at the Blurb bookstore. Authors can set their own price and keep 100% of the mark-up from sales.