Robots Brought to Life by Xsens

Robots Brought to Life by Xsens

The latest Vestel commercial features an army of robots swiftly dealing with a pirate attack on an ocean-going ship. The lifelike movements of the robotic heroes were made possible by Xsens MVN motion capture technology.

Saatchi & Saatchi, in cooperation with visual effects studio Unexpected, created the new commercial for Vestel, one of Turkey's largest electrical appliances manufacturers. In the commercial, which was directed by directing duo "Alex & Steffen," robots rescue the ship and its crew from a swarm of pirates in the most convincing manner. The robots were brought to life by Xsens technology, which enables post-production companies like Unexpected to do many more visual effects in much less time.

Traditional motion capture is a costly process, both in terms of time and money. The Xsens MVN technology is not only easier to use, but also a lot faster. Animators just step into the Xsens MVN suit and record every desired motion. This technology makes even those notorious last-minute adaptations into a breeze. The simplicity allows for extreme flexibility in the creative process.

"During the editing phase of Vestel we spontaneously decided that we need an overwhelming extra shot," explained Alexander Kiesl, CEO at Unexpected. "So we jumped into the suit and recorded 22 moves in 28 minutes for this extra scene. We would not have been able to do that without Xsens MVN." In comparison with even the best of traditional motion capture methods, Xsens MVN saved Unexpected about two weeks of work on the commercial.

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