Tasume - Revolutionary Cover for new NOOK Tablet by Vim and Vigor Design

Tasume: Revolutionary Cover for new NOOK Tablet by Vim & Vigor Design

Vim & Vigor, the design firm behind the new materials and finishes for Barnes & Noble's just-released NOOK Tablet, has created a new, innovative cover for the product - the Tasume, as part of the growing line of products they've designed for Barnes & Noble.

Tasume brings a revolution to the e-reader with its flexibility to fit any reading preference. It is the first cover of its kind designed to support both portrait and landscape table-top or lap-top viewing. The user folds Tasume's geometrically embossed wings back and into a pyramid, which naturally snaps into place with Tasume's hidden magnets.

Tasume Nook Cover 03

What's more, Tasume can be used in a variety of other scenarios, such as magnetizing to the door of a refrigerator to facilitate easy reading of recipes in the kitchen while cooking. Tasume's pyramid shape also makes for comfortable, hands-free reading and movie watching when placed on a table-top or one's lap.

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