GoldRun and Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run

GoldRun & Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run

GoldRun has partnered with Clutter Magazine to create the world's first augmented reality scavenger hunt of a curated collection of coveted designer toys, representing the work of 30 acclaimed artists.

Through GoldRun, users will see virtual representations of real Designer Toys, which they can capture to gain points and compete against each other to win the real toys. This groundbreaking campaign will bring together the sculptural world of designer toys and their tight-knit, international fanbase to a global audience through cutting-edge mobile technology.

"AR technology is creating a paradigm shift from a world of search to a world of discovery," said Vivian Rosenthal, CEO and Founder of GoldRun. "Now, an international artist and collector community can engage on a level never before possible, changing the landscape for how art is consumed as collectibles, both in the virtual and real worlds."

The GoldRun X Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run will consist of three different types of runs all varying in geographic scope to maximize community gameplay: first, a globally available hunt; second, a city-specific hunt available in New York, London, San Francisco, and Chicago; and third, a location-specific hunt that will be deployed within 3 high-traffic locations throughout the 4 available cities. Running over the course of 6 weeks, the toys will be rotated twice a week in the GoldRun app to optimize exposure for all 30 artists in participation and provide a well diverse selection of collectibles for those playing.

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