Goodbye 70s - FontShop International Releases Free Dingbats Unicode Font

Goodbye 70s: FontShop International Releases Free Dingbats Unicode Font

Erler Dingbats is a complete, contemporary quality font that covers the full encoding range for dingbats (U+2700-U+27BF) for the first time in the entire history of standard Unicode.

To help support and encourage the use of the Unicode standard, publisher FontShop International is giving away the Erler Dingbats completely free of charge. Erler Dingbats were created for everyday communication purposes, including a wide range of popular symbols and pictograms such as arrows, pens, phones, stars, crosses and checkmarks, plus 3 sets of cameo figures on round backgrounds. Unlike other dingbats fonts which often contain a ragtag bunch of symbols in mismatched styles, the Erler Dingbats harmonize elegantly because the drawings all adhere to a common visual language which makes them the perfect choice as the new standard for communication symbols.

Erler Dingbats is a spin-off of the distinguished FF Dingbats 2.0 family, and was designed as a special collaboration between designers Johannes Erler and Henning Skibbe. "For years I've been bored by the ubiquitous OS-Dingbats fonts and so I decided to design my own, based on my FF Dingbats," said Johannes Erler. "I've been using a beta version for several months and all my friends want them, too. So, I had the idea to give them away for free."