Occupied Economies - Designing Solutions to Global Problems

Occupied Economies: Designing Solutions to Global Problems

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller will join a distinguished panel of leading thinkers in economics, law, and design for Occupied Economies: Designing Solutions to Global Problems.

This a free event that marks the first in a new series of public panel discussions hosted by The Design Exchange (DX).

The summit at the DX will launch a dynamic conversation including representation from Occupy Toronto aimed at identifying global problems and crafting solutions through creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration and redesign.

In addition to Mr. Miller, who is currently advising the World Bank on urban sustainable development, the panel will be comprised of Dr. David Kennedy, Harvard Law and past chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Advisory Council on Global Governance; Dr. David Schneiderman, University of Toronto Law and author of Constitutionalizing Economic Globalization: Investment Rules and Democracy's Promise; Dr. Sara Diamond, President, OCAD University; and Matt Gurney, Deputy Editor, Comment Section, of the National Post.

The Occupy Toronto movement is sending an anonymous spokesperson; a current Bay Street investment advisor, whose identity will remain concealed.

"Canada must engage, both locally and internationally," said Tim Gilbert, DX chair and president and principal of Gilbert's LLP.

In this globalized system, Gilbert believes economic strife cannot be written off as a localized problem.

"The most critical issue every generation faces is whether citizens have the means to support themselves at minimum, and ideally grow and create new solutions so each new generation can be better than the last."

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