Fender Gig Stand by RKS

Fender Gig Stand by RKS

With its small size, collapsible but durable construction, and weighing little more than the average lead cable, Fender Gig Stand is perhaps the decade's most refreshing innovation in guitar stand mobility. The sleek and sturdy foldable design prevents damage to valuable instruments while saving artists time and precious "case space."

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The design team at RKS worked with FMIC to add the perfect harmony, in every venue, so artists can just jam without wasting time or risking damage to Fender's iconic line of electric guitars. Fender Gig Stand cradles instruments securely with a wide three-point base and the help of softer non-slip materials where the guitar and stage make contact. It fits easily in virtually all guitar cases, and its rounded non-metallic construction ensures it won't scrape guitar finishes.

The universal design with minimalist elegance suits all artists and holds most electric guitars and basses, collapses in two quick steps in seconds, and can even fit in the back pocket of your jeans. Designed for rockin' on the road but perfect when off, it assembles in seconds providing easy access to guitars during rehearsal or that big gig.


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